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Our Business & Security Model

When we built our business in 1995, it was partly due to an unsatisifed need for very safe boat storage, we had no idea it would turn into the long-term business it has.

At the time, there were no facilities in the North Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Hutto areas that had "secure" boat storage. In fact, there were very few that had any type of secure stoarage at all.

We found this fact unacceptable for keeping our new ski boat in, so we decided to build and offer what we could not get. High Security Storage Units along with High Security Boat, RV, Auto and Camper storage.

When we laid out our business plan we decided to focus on the one thing that we could not find, and that we really needed. Security.

We started with a great lighting plan from our friend at Rick Davis electric. We put lights not only on the buildings, but on very tall light poles around the facility - just like a shopping center. Few if any facilities, even those built today, go to that expense.

Ever go into a poorly lighted storage facility, or down long hallways when nobody else is around? The first time you do that, you'll know why a good lighting plan is paramount to your security.

We also had the facility built from day one with an electronic gate code system. Most facilities either had their gates wide open for some hours per day or simply gave renters a key to the facility's primary gate lock! That type of business operation would not work, either for us or our customers.

While greatly improved upon today, we began with what was a state of the art unique and individual key code entry system for every single customer which also provided a way to track all gate activity every single day. This was a huge improvement over all the facilities around us, and in most of Central Texas. Few had that basic level of security then.

Today, it's a standard in the Industry.

Also when we opened, we began operations with what's called, "The Daily Lock Check". Sounds simple doesn't it? But at the time, and even today, most facilities don't practice it. Most self storage facilities may look very similar, but believe me, there are a great many difference's between the way they're operated.

It seemed so simple, yet has been so effective. So much so that since we opened our facility in 1995, there has never been a lock cut, boat, camper or RV stolen - EVER. Now, no facility can guarantee you won't have a theft, it's impossible, but track records of the past are of critical importance in making decisions about the future.

Come into our facility's office any day and simply ask to see it. We do 2 lock checks 6 days a week, once on Sunday's and check every single lock, boat, camper and RV, AND we do it in writng. We check the fencing, the buildings, anything on the grounds. We note which boats and vehicles have come in or been taken out. It's done every single day, 365 days a year, even on Christmas day.

That's because thieve's don't take Holiday's

We know the value of a Daily Lock Check along with an Access Control Record for the facility, so the next time you need to rent a storage unit - wherever you go, just ask to see their lock check for that day. It's a simple request, but many can't provide it - because they don't do it, especially 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

When you find you can't be shown a written lock check and access record, RUN, don't walk away. There's a better place out there wherever you are.

Less than a year passed since our opening, and we thought - we not only need to know who's been in, but to protect both our boat, and our customer's boats and storage units, we needed to do more. We needed to See the facility 24 hours a day. Not just put a manager above the office who goes into their apartment at 5 pm or so and cannot possibly watch the entire facility 24-7. But,this was not an easy or inexpensive thing to do in 1996. (it's a much different world today!)

So we became the first facility in Pflugerville to have night vision, infared video camera's around the entire facility and in the office. It was a big investment for a small business with only 1 year of operation behind it, but we gambled it would be a difference maker.

Now, almost every facility in Central Texas has followed our lead, and it's become a standard for any new facility being built.

There's a lot of reasons for our security history, like those described above, but our providing a free, round, hardened steel disk lock for every single new customer sure helps keep things safer - and it's Free!

It's fine to check prices on the phone, but never rent someplace you haven't rented before, without visiting the office and checking the security features that are offered. It costs nothing to do a lock check, only the investment of time and attention by the management. Only after you personally visit will you know what you're really getting.

And finally, before you visit a facility you may have called and gotten a price on, or maybe even before you call any facility, simply call the local Police Department. They won't (and can't) give you a referral, but they can sure tell you in detail how many times they've been called out for a Robbery at a location. This simple step costs you nothing but a few minutes, but it very well may save everything you're going to store.

If we can answer any more questions or help you in any way, just call us at 512-252-3210.




Owner Abby Ballentine displays the new 16 camera monitor we use to keep almost 30 days of video surveillance at Private Warehouse Mini-Storage.


 Abby works with our access control system which monitors all activity through the gate - in or out.





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