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     Self Storage Tips

    Always try to leave a path to the rear of your unit, along one side is a good idea, and it just needs to be as wide as you can squeeze down;

    Use cardboard or newspapers to line the floor where furniture will be touching the concrete. All concrete

    "wicks" moisture, climate control or not, and this is the number 1 reason for mold or "scaling";

    Don't use newspapers for China or any porous material as the newsprint they use today comes off on

    everything it touches;

    Take apart all furniture you can, not only to save space, but to protect it from damage;

    Always label at least 3 sides of your boxes;

    Invest 3 bucks in some good packing tape for your boxes, it adds strength and eliminates dust on the contents;

    Keep a master list of important items, and where they're stored, also try to keep things you may need to get to in the front of the unit;

    Leave your refrigerator and/or freezer door open slightly & clean it before you store it;

    You can store kitchen utensils inside the fridge and always know where they're at;

    Use old sheets to wrap up fine fabric furniture;

    Store your mirrors in boxes or wrapped in old blankets, towels or clothing & never store them flat anywhere;

    Fill your boxes as full as you can, keep weight in mind, full boxes tend to stack much better. Put large boxes on the floor and stack smaller ones on top;

    If you're storing a dresser, move it in without the drawers then replace the drawers once in the unit and fill with linens;

    Watch the weight on boxes of tools, and consider wiping them down quickly with a lubricant before you store to eliminate any chance of rust - keep tools close

    to the front;

    Use old towels to wrap mirrors, and delicate items;

    Store your dishware in a heavy box, and use paper plates between the dishes to cushion them, don't wrap in newspaper, instead use the cheapest paper towels;

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