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    Our Self Storage Units

    Ventilation is very important for a number of reasons. You need fresh air to clear out humidity, which is a crucial issue when storing anything long or short term around Central Texas. Fresh air ventilation is also very important to control odor, keep non climate control units more stable in temperature, and keep mold and "scaling" off of furniture and fabrics.

    Every unit at Private Warehouse is fully ventilated.

    Our units were designed for natural fresh air flow by

    constructing the facility with the buildings running South to North. This design feature allows us to take advantage of mother nature's tendency towards a

    dominant southern air flow in our community.



    For Example:

    Small Units - used to hold a couple of pickup truck

    loads, boxes and miscellaneous items

    5' x 5'

    5' x 10'

    Medium Units - used to hold a medium sized rental

    truck of goods that can also handle appliances, some furniture, and lots of boxes

    5' x 15'

    10' x 10'

    Large Units - used to hold a whole house of furniture, appliances, large and small boxes

    10' x 15

    10' x 20'

    10' x 30'


    Prices change all the time in self-storage, so call us today at 512-252-3210 so we can work together to find you the right unit, even if it may not be at our facility. Sometimes we're full and can't help you with a specific

    size, but we can help you find a unit where we believe there's good value close by.


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