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A Storage Unit is a self storage unit, Right? Well no, not exactly.

Climate Control is always better, Right? Well no, not exactly.

Storage units are built differently from facility to facility. Most of them look basically the same, generally metal or masonry surrounds with metal roofs, metal partitions on the inside and concrete floors. After that, things are different.

Ventilation is the number 1 problem in many self storage facilities. Ventilation is very important for a number of reasons. You need fresh air to clear out humidity, which is a crucial issue when storing anything long or short term around Central Texas. Fresh air ventilation is also very important to control odor, keep non climate control units more stable in temperature, and keep mold and "scaling" off of furniture and fabrics.

Every unit at Private Warehouse is fully ventilated.

Our units were designed for natural fresh air flow by constructing the facility with the buildings running South to North. This design feature allows us to take advantage of mother nature's tendency towards a dominant southern air flow in our community.

Ever walk into a storage facility where you don't feel air moving around you? Run, don't walk, away.

And before you rent anywhere, step inside the unit. How does it feel compared to the outside temperature? Do you smell anything? How about the ceilings? Can you touch them? See any mold around? Do you have to go down a hallway to get to your unit? How about an elevator or stairs to go up when you've got a refrigerator to move in?

Every unit at Private Warehouse is accessed by driving right up in front of your door.

Just a little time invested before you rent can save you a lot of misery in your storage rental experience.

Well, OK, storage units and facilities are different. But climate control has got to be the best, right?

Well, not for about 98% of self storage renters. There are rare occasions when someone will need climate control. Generally, they are almost always for sales reps who need a very stable temperature for their samples when they're unable to store them where they live, or it's a remote warehouse unit for a salesperson that travels a wide territory. In those cases the Company is usually paying the bill so cost is also not a factor to consider. 

It's not practical or useful to store fine fabric furniture, artwork, wine, or extremely high value items in ANY storage unit. Don't these type items deserve a place where you live? If they don't, can you find a friend to keep them for you while you need storage?

Whether you're moving, downsizing, or just out of space in general, you almost always can find some things to give to a Charity and save the space for very precious items where you will live.

Cost, well there is only one circumstance described above where climate control storage is of any value - when somebody else is paying for it. For example, take a modern, up scale apartment in North Austin. It will rent for about $1.25  to $1.50 per square foot, while most climate control units run upwards to $2 per square foot. For this reason alone, climate control is not a good value for almost any storage rental decision.

Well, what about the heat? It's a fair question. But when it comes to furniture, remember wood was a tree first, right? It's not temperature that will ruin anything but highly delicate items and electronics, it's humidity. Keep that in mind when you decide.

We own and operate our facility ourselves. We could in the past and can in the future, build climate control. But we never have and most likely never will. it's simply a bad Value for almost any customer.

We visit every facility in a ten square mile radius from our business regularly. In more than 1/2 of all cases, climate control units have no fresh air ventilation, mold problems, hallways and very high cost.

These are the facts about self-storage units, you can decide for yourself what makes sense.


We offer units in size multiples of 5 feet. This makes it much easier to decide what size unit you need, and how to value your storage decision. For Example:

Small Units - used to hold a couple of pickup truck loads, boxes and miscellaneous items


5' x 5'

5' x 10'


Medium Units - used to hold a medium sized rental truck of goods that can also handle appliances, some furniture, and lots of boxes


5' x 15'

10' x 10'


Large Units - used to hold a whole house of furniture, appliances, large and small boxes


10' x 15

10' x 20'

10' x 30'

Financially, if you can possibly afford it, you should always try to get a little more space than the minimum size that can hold your storage items. Many times, in the dead of winter, or the brutal heat of summer, we see customers pulling almost everything out they've stored to get to a specific item in the back of the unit. After one episode of this, they almost always say "I wish I had gotten 1 size larger to leave a path to the back". It's true.

One of the best ways to save money on storage is to make your storage items "stackable" to take advantage of unit height instead of square footage. Here again, at Private Warehouse, our units are taller than you can reach to help you take advantage of height. Boxes are cheap, usually free from the supermarket, liquor store, or large retail chain. The one exception to this is furniture, there are few situations where you want to stack furniture on top of one another. To save space (money), try to break down tables, disassemble beds, and box all non furniture items. You'll get much more value this way.

Prices change all the time in self-storage, so call us today at 512-252-3210 so we can work together to find you the right unit, even if it may not be at our facility. Sometimes we're full and can't help you with a specific size, but we can help you find a unit where we believe there's good value close by.








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